BT – What’s gone wrong!?!

What’s gone wrong with the world today, Why are telecoms & utility companies hell bent on ripping people off? And why do we let them get away with it?

It’s become the norm today that we go on various comparison websites looking for the cheapest deal for both our telecoms and utilities, in one sense it’s empowering that we have such tools to give us a choice but why? What ever happened to companies valuing their customers and offering them a good deal? The best deal possible in the hope of retaining them and ensuring that their loyalty continued, after all it’s their continued loyalty that keeps them in profit?

My vent is especially aimed at BT today which I’m upset by as it’s like being cheated on by your partner. I’m a big BT fan, I like the business and whilst I believe they could do more to innovate and utterly destroy their rivals, it’s OK cos I do like them…Or did! To cut a story short, I’m currently paying £58 per month for BT Infinity 2 (Unlimited up to 72mb) and a telephone call with caller display. A quick shop around and I can get PlusNet, Unlimited up to 72mb and calls for £29.99, If I was a new BT customer I’d be paying £39.99 plus a £150 reward card. I though I’ll give BT a call explain to them what I’d found and renew my contract, surely they’ll match it…I was wrong first call I was offered it at £55 per month and wouldn’t budge. So I complained, a guy called and was convinced he could find a solution and put me through the options team, all this guy was interested in was upselling me other services such as TV and mobile to bring my overall cost down…Even though I explained I wasn’t interested in anything else or being upsold other services I didn’t ask for or require…So he tried reducing my package to 52mb and not unlimited…again what I didn’t need or ask for…for £45.99 per month.

So I’m not trying to ask for the world, I was happy to pay the £39.99 per month, no reward card and stay with BT…They weren’t interested at all, so they’ve now lost me as a customer and they really didn’t care. It’s such as shame that now I’m going to join the merry go round caravan of ‘comparers’ and constantly moving provider just to find the best deal…When I had the best service, just they were too greedy and wanted to fleece their once loyal customer base.

BT – What happened to you?

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