Adam the victim in Love Island?

Just want to stress at the start of this post that I do not agree with how Adam Collard smirked in the face of Rosie as she launched into him or how he appears to disregard anyone’s feelings, It’s not right and I don’t condone it and Rosie deserved better.

So lets discuss the Adam thing from another angle. The premise of Love Island is for the contestants (Yes remember it’s a game show!) to get to the end and win the show with their partner. The idea is that couples will swap, not get on, create some drama, some love and generate emotions in the viewers and themselves to keep us all hooked and to see how it all pans out.

We had Montana last year that did exactly this and played a perfect game until the end when her true mask fell off and she lost all the public and her housemates votes and then what happened to her after she left the house, Yet she wasn’t vilified until the end.

To recap, Rosie entered the house hell bent on getting a man and that man was Adam. She didn’t really consider Kendalls feelings and went in there and stole him, Not displaying any notion of morals and consideration to another feelings, but yet nothing has been said about that ?

Adam hasn’t really connected with Kendall and Rosie and was just coasting along and he’s admitted this from the start and had a bit of fun along the way…They could stop the fun if they wanted they were equal in this. Zara entered the house the same as Rosie and got Adams eye and now he seems to have found one he actually likes.

Was it wrong for him to play the game with the previous two? Or should he have done an Alex and Samira or a Sam and Samira or Alex and Ellie or Megan and Eyal (Megan is now going to drop Eyal now she’s used him…Lets she what bad press she gets..or not!) He’s done exactly what the show expects of him, what the producers want, what the public want and what he needs to do to win the show.

But he’s now being portrayed as a abuser, womaniser etc… when in reality he’s done exactly what others have done previously and exactly what’s required to be part of the show. All the blokes in there are womanisers it’s why they are fucking in there! The ladies that are in there eat men and spit them out…It’s why they were chosen to go in there! Don’t be shocked when you see it happen on either side of the relationship!

It’s a highly focused eco system to create drama and for want of a better word…Wife swapping! I think we shouldn’t be too judgemental on the contestants but maybe on ourselves as viewers for enjoying the drama and enjoying watching the heartbreak and the ruthlessness of it all. We are encouraging this and watching it in our millions…and enjoying every minute of it…Maybe it’s we that are wrong for watching such shows and wrong for judging someone who’s been heavily edited and made to be the villain of the show when all he’s done is exactly as instructed and what others have done before and after him. Lets not destroy his future over a game show…