Huawei where’s my Bose offer!

Hi All!

I jumped excitedly onto the Huawei P20 Pro band wagon for the 40MP camera and more importantly the crazy offer they had on where you got a pair of Bose QC 35 Wireless head phones worth £350. It was a win win situation from my point of view, I was due an upgrade and I would get a set of fantastic head phones as well.

Off I went to, pre-ordered and waiting for my phone to arrive and for the promo to begin. I had a claim validated and sent for fulfilment on 24/04 and despite their own t&cs stating that you’d get them within 30 days of claim validation and they be fulfilled on a first come first served basis they’ve failed on both counts. If you do a quick Google around you’ll see people with later claim numbers receiving their gift whilst there’s still thousands who had theirs validated much earlier both in date and claim numbers!

Contacted Huawei support on several occasions (Pre the 30 days just to remind them I was still waiting and expected them before the 30 days was up) and daily since the 30 day fulfilment time was up, Been given no explanation as to why they are delayed and no date on when it’ll be sorted. So onto and they’ve been equally poor basically told me to bother Huawei and not them, In my opinion they have profited from a promotion run by Huawei so have a responsibility to ensure their customer gets the offer that was promised…. Obviously not, took the money and run. I’ve gone to o2 direct with my correspondence with and Huawei and just waiting on feedback from them, I hope they value their customer and ensuring they get the deals they signed up for! I’ll update you with their response when it comes in.

Has anyone else got any feedback they can share on this story?

*Update on this 2nd June – Huawei have finally got stock. Will be getting mine on 4th June.