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Continuing on my lighting home automation project, I’m now left with a handful of smart bulbs only I am utilising correctly…Now how to get the house involved or not.

After researching options, I found either I had to replace the light switch itself (See my next blog!) or some clever people with 3D printers have created a cradle of sorts for the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

I found two types of covers both with their pros and cons, Out of this I probably prefer the larger one simply because the Dimmer switch itself sits more securely in there.

Option 1 – Philips Hue Dimmer cover / adapter 

So here’s the cover, really simply and goes over your existing light switch really well.  Got to say it’s fine just probably needs stronger magnets to the actual switch in place better

Option 2 – Philips Hue Dimmer cover for the entire cradle

This cover came and this one is different as this one takes the entire Philips Hue Cradle and not the switch, whilst it’s a lot larger and bulkier it does hold the switch perfectly.

My next blog is on actual switch replacements

3 thoughts on “Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

  1. Jonathan

    Hey Nick,

    Honestly speaking, the both covers look quite bulky and the last one is absolutely ugly. I did buy from that ebay seller myself and I had to return. There is no way I’m having them on my wall.

    There are plenty of different converters nowadays, but I think this one is the best quality for the moment – or

    I am in no way connected to any of the sellers above, just thought to add some useful info to your already nice blog 😉

    1. Nick

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for your comment on this post, I’m interested in all types of holders / cradles for smart bulb remotes! So thanks for this new resource. Though they look virtually similar to what I’ve already purchased. Have you got any pictures or dimensions for these? Would love to see the comparison in size as it is a problem. Just looking at the links I can’t see any substantial difference.


  2. Jonathan

    Well, I guess they’re all about the same design as there is not much can be done around a square switch and Philips remote really. I guess the main difference would be the quality. You’ve got a good point though, I can’t find a comparison anywhere on the net for what’s being offered at the moment for Philips Hue, maybe this is your opportunity to do a thorough review for all of them? 🙂

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