Star Wars – Last Jedi…A lost hope to me :(

Like any Star Wars fan I eagerly await any new Star Wars release but I’m totally disappointed in the new story line and characters. I feel the story line in the latest two instalments are just rehashed cut down versions of the original trilogy with D class actors and characters.

In the original Star Wars you had the rebellious streak of Hans Solo paired with the brilliant Harrison Ford and other characters and a unique story line that complimented it so well…Disney have proper fucked this and turned it into a cheap bratpack movie… Poe is really terrible in this one, all his ‘rebellious’ decisions we’re laughable and all could be cut from the movie and it wouldn’t make a difference at all to the story line! And for them all to smile at the end and say how much they like him…What a load of Disney shite!

Spoiler alert – What a waste of time all of the First Order’s ships coming and only one of them actually firing or putting up any form of defence…

Luke Skywalker not actually fighting – Another waste of time, Kylo and the others don’t use half of the force that Obi Wan and others have used previously. Would be totally over powered just by the knowledge of the force. What an anti climax

Right the other characters:

Kylo Ren – Hardly worth mentioning the same breath as a ‘Vader’ doesn’t scare anyone… looks like a ratty version of that dodgy professor from Harry Potter Hans Gruber

Ray – A shit Keira Knightly and she’s even shit…Walks like she’s got 10 big rolls under her arms, idiotic story line, poor cocky acting, will fade back into the toilet bowl once her time in Star Wars is finished

Finn – Same as above, absolutely waste of time. See him as an extra drinking a pint in EastEnders in the next few years…Still thinking how great he is…

Total fail!

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