Pulled Pork Recipe

A bit off topic from tech & films but none the less needs to be shared!

Recently purchased a fine selection of sauces from Sauce Shop and was really keen to try their South Carolina BBQ Sauce on some pulled pork.

The Sauce itself a nice rich mustard flavour that’s not too over powering with a deep smokey tangy taste. Really superb! Never had anything like it!

So got a 1.5kg pork shoulder and rubbed in Reds True Divine Pulled Pork Rub about a third of it about 100ml of white wine vinegar into a Pyrex dish. Put it into the oven on gas mark 7 for 1 hour. Then reduced it to gas mark 3 for 3 hours. Once the timer was done I emptied all the juice that had come out of the meat and put another third of the rub on. Put back in for another hour and 20 minutes.

The meat came away beautifully and shredded liked a dream, At that point I then added the final third of the rub and then mixed in half a the sauce. Had one with just the rub and one with the sauce & rub…You can guess which went first.


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