Mourinho needs a rest?

Got to say been a massive fan of Jose Mourinho since we turned up a Porto, along with his back story and the support Bobby Robson gave him. It was amazing to see his guy turn up, talk to the press the way he did. He was a breath of fresh air full of confidence, a little bit of mischievous ramblings.

Not really sure what has happened to the guy? Maybe because he’s put himself up there to be shot at and he’s taken the joy in challenging everyone, from club owners, to the media, the fans and the players themselves… has it now taken a toll on him and his own personality? 

He’s now a very paranoid guy, doesn’t seem to have any faith in the players or the club owners. This seems to have started at his time at Madrid, Clearly a dressing room full of egos and a club management of the same seems to have really screwed his head up and he’s on a downward spiral which I feel is threatening his legacy. He’s now seen as a bit of a joke and that’s over shadowing his undoubted ability. 

I think it’s time for a rest Jose, get your mojo back. Take a few years off and recharge and start enjoying being a person and a manager again…Otherwise you’ll destroy your legacy forever. 

Liam Gallagher – Good or not ?

Recently went to see Liam at The Old Trafford cricket ground in Manchester, Having already seen Noel at the Leeds Arena was really interested in hearing what the other brother could do.

Got to say having heard from of Liams new stuff it sounded promising but it lacked something and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. For Noel it’s clear he’s now completely removed poverty and now he rubs shoulders with the best, he’s changed, his lift has changed, his song writing is different… Good songs but with it’s soul missing.

The cricket ground isn’t suitable for gigs, what a waste of time especially if you wanted a drink…Forget it and the positioning isn’t great. Liam started off with Oasis songs, then chucked in 2 of his own and 1 from Beady Eye, then the rest of the night was all Oasis…Was great listening to the Oasis songs, especially belted out by Liam. As soon as his own songs came on they lost the passion, the feel and you can tell they aren’t connected to Liam in anyway and it’s very telling.

Liam was good, his new songs lacking in any depth and substance. Don’t think I’ll be rushing to see him soon!